This deck originally got started as a way to learn how to use several of the graphics software packages I had - hey, 78 separate graphics should give me enough practice and diversity that I might actually know what I'm doing with Bryce and Photoshop once I get finished, right? I've been reading the Tarot since the early 1970s, so I was at least familiar with the graphics concepts involved - I thought.

Well, by the time the first few cards were finished (for the first time), that changed, and I had this Tarot deck that was, emphatically, going to be a finished Tarot deck. Aargh!

Two years later, I had a finished deck. I thought. So I went on the internet to see who was doing what, and who I could talk to, and where I could get publicity (and publishing tips), and various other things.

What with one thing and another, I found the Aeclectic Tarot Forum ( and a bunch of other enterprising artists who were doing the same thing. And found that I didn't have a finished deck after all, if I actually wanted to get it printed and available. For one thing, all the colors were optimized for the web, not for standard printing. That was in May of 2003, just about a year ago as this is being written. Went through another full revision of everything. Twice.

I also found out that very, very few decks are actually picked up by the main publishers in the field, and that there were, literally, thousands of different decks available. A MUCH bigger pond than this frog thought it was hopping into originally. Decided to see what it would cost me to self-publish. Fainted. Decided to self-publish.

Did I learn the packages? Well, I'm much more comfortable with them than I was, but I'm not at all sure it's possible to ever fully learn all the features in any of the packages I was working with, so I'm just going to have to come up with something else to keep me learning. Another deck? Hmmm...

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