Den Elder is a long time reader, philosopher, and general all-round good person who builds really interesting sites on the Tarot. As the first outsider to give me feedback (positive!) on the cards, her site gets top billing.

This site is a real labor of love, and a wonderful resource for Tarot enthusiasts of all kinds. I found it through its companion forum, and am deeply indebted to both Solandia, who runs the sites, and to the members of the Aeclectic Forum, without whose help I would have had a whole lot rougher time getting the WorldTree Tarot into publication form. - I found this through a posting on Aeclectic, and fell in love with the artist's work. Here are two pictures of the necklace I bought there. Also has one of a kind Tarot bags. (an Australian site, so shipping may take a few days, but prices are lower in dollars)

This space will be filled more fully with other links as I have the time. For the moment, in no particular order, these are the links I tend to use a lot. The Tarot of Prague; An incredible deck based on photocollages taken in and around Prague, Czechoslovakia "Because all cats are bohemian at heart" by the same artists as the Tarot of Prague, The Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot. The Ferret Tarot - a delightfully whimsical black and white deck, populated by ferrets with an attitude! Major Tom publishes an annual Tarot Lover's Calendar, among many and various things. He's also working on a modern variant of the Tarot of Marsailles that is a must-see for collectors. The Tarot Garden is a Tarot collector's mecca - if a deck's in print, they've probably got a copy or two, or they can find it for you. An incredible mix of really good artwork and, well, not so good artwork (everybody's welcome to post their own) for greeting and note cards, posters and prints, and various odd apparel. Printing quality is high standard, and at present they're limited to 4-color CMYK printing, but I have hopes they'll eventually go to 6-color - I have a tendency to use pinks and purples and blues that simply don't translate well into CMYK. Includes a section which allows you to put Disney characters, cartoon and otherwise, on items you select.

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