The original WorldTree, from which this graphic was taken, is a 5'x8' wall hanging that I drew up one day at a time of utter boredom, then transferred to graph paper when I got into the hooked rug craze. It's been on my livingroom wall through three apartments, decked with white Xmas tree lights where I wanted stars to be, and, decorated with tinsel and additional colored lights, has been the one tree the cats couldn't topple, and that wouldn't shed. It currently needs cleaning. Badly. For information on the graphic's progenitors, if you're interested, look up Yggdrasil under Norse Mythology somewhere.

So, when I wanted a name for a hypothetical business, it wasn't a problem. Until I started looking at names that were already taken, of course.

This site has had a number of faces over the last few years, beginning with an offering of astrological dice some ten years ago, then going on to various other things while I tried to figure out just what it was I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

I still haven't figured that out, and I suspect that twenty years from now I'll be asking the same question, because futures are very rarely so simple as to be easily defined in a single concept, no matter how complex. For now, though, I'm working on becoming an artist, getting to know various software packages and trying out different styles. (And finding out if I can make a living at it.)

I've been/done, in no particular order, a horse trainer, a medievalist, a science fiction fan, a mechanical engineer, sales analyst, technical customer support, quality control, mineralogy lab tech, packaging specialist, microcomputer consultant, dBase programmer, variously clerical, web designer, Tarot reader, psychic trainer (training psychics, not muscles through mental power), songwriter, and probably a few other things I'll think of later on. Now I'm trying my hand as an artist... (Sounds like a writer's resume...)

Most About pages have a statement of corporate policy, location, philosophy, and similar other goodies. If I come up with any really neat things, I suspect I'll add them in.

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